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  • Angry TikTok users have slammed the official Trump 2020 campaign app to the point where Apple had to reset the app's star rating, TechCrunch reports.
  • The bombing - where users post a flood of negative reviews - began in July, but escalated in August after Trump signed an executive order banning U.S. companies from doing business with TikTok's parent company, ByteDance.
  • Apple reset the star count on August 14, a day before Trump signed a second executive order requiring TikTok to sell its operations in the United States.
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TikTok users left so many one-star reviews on Donald Trump's 2020 campaign app that Apple had to reset the app's rating, TechCrunch reports.

According to data from Sensor Tower, TikTok fans, apparently angry with Trump's attacks on the popular video-sharing platform, have posted reviews saying the Trump 2020 app is buggy, glitchy, and was stealing personal information. The latest complaint appears to be a satirical blow to the Trump administration's claims, TikTok is relaying US user data to the Chinese government.

The bombing protest appears to date back to July, when Bloomberg reported that TikTok users - galvanized by popular user DeJuan Booker - have started leaving negative reviews to protest the Trump administration's growing hostility to the app. The number of one-star hearings for the app increased from 20 to 500 between July 216 and July 500.

The bombing picked up steam after the United States officially sanctioned TikTok with two executive orders. Sure 7 AugustTrump banned U.S. companies from doing business with TikTok's Chinese parent company, ByteDance, on the grounds that it posed a threat to national security. Trump followed that up with a second executive order on August 15, saying TikTok must sell its business in the United States.

Apple reset the Trump 2020 app's star rating on August 14, and it's now 3,8.

TikTok activists have already been a thorn in the side of the Trump 2020 campaign. In June, TikTok users and K-Pop fans alike claimed to have reduced traffic during Trump's return to Oklahoma by requesting tickets online and then not showing up.

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