I am looking for an educated, employed, monogamous man. I get along best with engineering, computer guys that have a wicked sense of humor (David Cross, Bill Burr, Brad Williams).I am mellow, easy to get along with, a good cook, settled with who I am. I love road trips, Vegas, spas, horror movies and board games.I love to take care of my partner. I love being a housewife.I own my own company and I do well for myself.I do not believe in Valentine’s Day, or giving me gifts on my birthday, I am just not that girl. Don’t get me wrong, I love nice things, I just do not want any man feeling like he is being manipulated into getting me things because it’s supposedly “my day”. It should be “our day” and we decide together.
I am not a “girl’s night out” kind of girl. I would rather hang out with my best friend. I do consider myself co-dependent. I do not consider that a bad thing. If I like you, I want to be with you. Seems pretty normal to me.

Sex dating Woman 52 years Vail

Pima, Arizona

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