Instagram is a romantic place. Just by looking at someone's photos you can tell if you like them or not (cue 'Love Is In The Air' by John Paul Young).

So, now that you've fallen head over heels in love, how do you date the Instagram girl you've never met? Well, just like Einstein, I like to solve the important questions of life. And a bit like E = mc2, INSTA = LOVE.

Now, let's say for this example, this is Instagram's common equation: you follow her, but she doesn't follow you. The short term goal is to get on their radar and maybe even get a "like", the long term goal is to get a "follow" because on Instagram if two singles get together follow, they are essentially married. It's the law.

We reached out to a comedian (Ash Williams) and a dating trainer (Chris Manak) for all the important tips on how to get that important follow-up (and a date):

# 1 Avoid Instagram clutter


According to a comedian

Some girls have over 500 followers so you need to stand out from the crowd. The best way to do this is to ONLY like posts that no one else does. For example, she could take a picture of a chair or a glass of milk and it is not “pop-up”. So “like” the picture, and if you're feeling adventurous, maybe comment “nice chair” or “I like milk”. Again, all there is to do on his radar.

According to a dating coach

In an age where everyone is plastering their social media with more and more 'high value' shit that they do, I think what's most engaging is capturing and sharing what you really love to do in your life. Keep it light.

Don't try so hard. Over the years, I have had countless clients coating their Instagrams with photos at expensive restaurants, with beautiful women staring into the distance from the bow of a sailboat, still getting nothing from the ladies.

Sure, part of that is good, but it's very obvious when it's not your real life and you're running around looking for opportunities to present the world with a bullshit version of yourself. You win the game by not playing the game. Be genuine.

# 2 Go Stealth

to M

According to a comedian

Go to his page but don't like anything, be like an Instagram ghost. Your main purpose of stealth is to get a figurative idea of ​​her hobbies and interests… maybe she likes kittens or orange juice; Either way, you are collecting valuable information. If you feel the urge to click on something, take a screenshot, but don't be a weirdo by diving deep into the profile and liking his photos of Thailand from 154 weeks ago.

According to a dating coach

If you accidentally like an old photo: don't do anything. Definitely don't DMZ and try to get it back. What's done is done, let it sit. She might even wonder about it, like when you ask a girl how her night is going at a bar and walk away.

# 3 be diligent


According to a comedian

Take notes on the cafes she likes to go to. These are now your favorite cafes - I traveled between the states before for a girl I loved on Instagram (but never met). I have been to her favorite cafe for three consecutive days and am now talking to this girl.

According to a dating coach

Test a joke / tease in his stories. Don't comment on her public photos like all other idiots, and for god's sake, don't tell her how beautiful she is or put on the flame emoticon. There is a girl on my IG that I will constantly say "Doesn't fit" to any clothing story she posts. She hates it, but it makes you react every time.

# 4 take acting lessons


According to a comedian

You have to be a strong actor when you stumble upon your “Instagram girl” and act like you know nothing about her when you know EVERYTHING about her.

According to a dating coach

No comment.

# 5 Private message


According to a comedian

Yes, you can send a private message on Instagram. Send a tasteful photo - not your favorite body part - of the ocean or the sand. The photo will be so relaxing that she'll think she's on vacation and should react quickly.

According to a dating coach

Treat it just like a phone number. First build a report. Don't necessarily try to ask her out on first contact (a very common mistake guys make with phone numbers). Contact her, chat, leave her (unless she takes off from the start of course). When the time passes, contact her again, chat, ask if she would like to catch up, then if she is as receptive as the first time. There really is no magic.

"There is a lot to be said for a man who is in no rush."

# 6 the closing act

According to a comedian

Good luck. By using these tips, you should end up married… or in jail.

According to a dating coach

On Instagram, have fun above all else. Just post the funny, weird shit you see in your everyday life. Make a joke of it all. Yesterday again, I posted a story about a table that I passed in front of which was affixed a "free" sign. I had clearly missed it because the table had nothing left except a few leaves that had fallen on it. I posted a photo captioned “Free sheets! Shit yeah ”… and even that has DMs.

"People appreciate the original daily activities a lot more than another video of you eating a $ 100 meal."

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