The historic gender equality dispute, which gave English women an equality law in 1970, describes WE WANT SEX as an enjoyable battle between the sexes. As in GRASSGEFLÜSTER and KALENDER GIRLS, director Nigel Cole unconditionally takes femininity and handles the trick of dealing with a complex subject with playful ease. While Rita (Sally Hawkins) and her colleagues at the British Ford plant in Dagenham often only worked in their underwear, even in the late 60s, it had little to do with the sex wave. imminent, but rather with the unbearably hot and stuffy air in the factory hall. Soon, the workers' collar will finally burst. Led by the courageous Rita, the women go on strike: better working conditions and “equal pay” - equal pay for equal work - are their simple but concise demands. But the women met fierce resistance from company management and soon from their husbands as well. Rifle help comes from an unexpected source: Guys, dress warm, London, we're coming! After the success of his film KALENDER GIRLS, Nigel Cole relies on quintessentially British humor and lots of charm: Golden Globe winner Sally Hawkins directs an illustrious cast of actresses as the brave Rita, who is so irresistible that the screen literally vibrates and the real one. The story of the Dagenham women workers is impressively presented in its historical significance.

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